©2006 The Vanilla Wafers

Poetry By The Band Members

By Will Roy Martin

To choose you must decide.
You stand, look, read, study, and choose.
Will it be the right choice, or not?
Will you be happy with it?
Will you regret your choice?

Too late now;
Number 140.
It falls, tumbles;
Yes, banana Moon Pie.

Hair Dye
By Lisa King-Floore (AKA Motherofthesky)

Having hair color issues?
A miracle's in this bottle.
I'll mix it like an alchemist,
Red, a light auburn.

Drip the potion on the noggin,
Yes, that's the way...
End of the gray!

Simply Because
By Michael Allen (AKA Juan Miguel)

If only you could have, I surely would have,
Simply because you were you.
But things werenít as I thought,
So therefore I canít,
Simply because you werenít you.
If ever you open your eyes and see
What is the truth deep within;
I pray that here for you I can be,
Simply because you are you.

Faith Without Religion
By Lisa King-Floore (AKA Motherofthesky)

What of faith without religion?
Nothing to flaunt,
Yet, everything to see;
Shown but untold and
Lived but unspoken.